Exploring Naikhongchhari

A Picturesque Corner of Bangladesh


6/3/20233 min read

Naikhongchhari, a captivating region nestled in the southeastern part of Bangladesh, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and inspiring stories of its people. Situated on the border side of Bangladesh, this enchanting place is characterized by hilly roads, agricultural endeavors beside the hills, and a community that thrives amidst the picturesque landscapes. Let us delve into the fascinating aspects of Naikhongchhari, including its people, their work, and the support they receive from organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO.

The first thing that strikes you upon arrival in Naikhongchhari is its breathtaking hilly roads. As you wind through the undulating terrain, the serpentine roads offer mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills, covered in lush greenery and dotted with trees. The winding paths create an awe-inspiring journey that connects the various settlements nestled in this region.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the lives of the residents of Naikhongchhari. The hills, with their fertile soil, provide an ideal environment for cultivation. One notable crop grown here is the cigarette tree, which is a vital part of the local economy. This unique tree variety, known for its leaves used in tobacco production, is cultivated by many farmers in the region. It not only sustains the livelihoods of the people but also contributes to the overall economic growth of the area.

One distinctive aspect of Naikhongchhari is the prevalence of female-headed households. The women in this community display remarkable resilience and strength as they manage their households, support their families, and actively participate in agricultural activities. Their dedication and hard work are commendable and serve as a testament to their determination and resourcefulness.

Contrary to traditional gender roles, the men in Naikhongchhari often take on the role of caring for their children. This unique dynamic challenges societal norms and reflects a progressive outlook. It emphasizes the importance of shared responsibilities within the family unit and fosters a nurturing environment for the children to grow and flourish.

The residents of Naikhongchhari reside in close proximity to the hills, with some even choosing to live within them. The connection between the people and their natural surroundings is deep-rooted, and they have adapted their lifestyles to harmonize with the environment. The hills not only provide a picturesque backdrop but also serve as a source of inspiration and tranquility.

Education is highly valued in Naikhongchhari, and the community takes great pride in their school, which is located in the heart of the hills. This unique setting offers students a one-of-a-kind learning experience surrounded by nature's beauty. The school serves as a symbol of hope and progress, nurturing the young minds of Naikhongchhari and preparing them for a brighter future.

In their journey towards progress and development, the people of Naikhongchhari receive support from renowned organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO. These NGOs play a crucial role in providing resources, education, and healthcare services to the community. Their contributions empower the residents and help uplift their quality of life.

Naikhongchhari is a testament to the resilience, strength, and spirit of its people. It's a place where nature's beauty and human endeavors coexist harmoniously. The hilly roads, agricultural activities, unique family dynamics, and the support from organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO all contribute to the captivating story of Naikhongchhari. It is a destination that not only captivates with its scenic beauty but also leaves a lasting impression with its inspiring tales of human triumph and unity.

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